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Keeping Past Stories Alive

Hundreds of people from all over the world carry unique and lasting memories from the times when they encountered the whales of the St Lawrence with ORES. Most of these memories remain hidden in peoples' minds but some might pop up once a while and might even be told to generations to come.

Throughout the years ORES has collected tremendous amounts of research data leading to amazing and unique insights. Some field observations however are not publishable in scientific literature but might nevertheless tell us something about the lives of whales.

Many of these stories we have shared when attending conferences, giving public talks, visiting schools as well as in our bi-annual Newsletters and on our webpage. But as time passes, breathtaking experiences might get replaced by new other breathtaking encounters. And slowly but surely such originally big news disappear and get forgotten.

Here we want to preserve these stories. Visit the past and read up on old field stories, reports, articles and Newsletters. Past years will be continuously added in coming months.