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Working Right in the Park’s Heart

It is incredible but the giants of the oceans actually travel far inland, some 800 km from the open Atlantic, to spend the summer in the St. Lawrence Estuary, only 220 km East of Quebec City. The study area covers the core area of whale distribution and lies right in the centre of the Saguenay – St. Lawrence Marine Park (SSLMP). The Park was created in 1998 to protect the unique marine ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Complex and Highly Diverse

Just off-shore from the picturesque little village of Tadoussac, where the Saguenay Fjord meets the St. Lawrence Estuary, tidal forces and differences in salinity, surface temperature, chlorophyll productivity, water depth and degree of underwater slopes create a highly dynamic physical environment where whales and seals aggregate daily. Differences in these physical parameters actually create several diverse feeding habitats which are all covered by our study area.