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Passing the Passion to the Kids

There are not many children (and adults) who are not fascinated by whales and dolphins. Therefore it is quite easy to capture their attention and to carry our fire and passion to classrooms. This is not only highly rewarding, it is also a great way to teach the next generation about the whales’ lives, to raise their awareness for global environmental issues and our need to protect them for all generations to come.

Our environmental education program offers unique courses, workshops, talks, materials and educational resources for teachers.

1. Whale research course for teachers

Experience the whales in their natural environment. Learn more about their lives and collect personal memories, which will make it easy for you to share your fascination with your pupils.

2. School visits

Ursula takes the school class on a thrilling journey into the whales’ world.

3. The 'Whale-Box'

This is a comprehensive teaching resource offering plenty of unique classroom materials on whales and dolphins. Today it can only be rented within Switzerland but if you see a possibility to offer this service in your country through an institution or organisation, then please contact us.
Content among other materials:
- Various life-sized whales and dolphins
- Baleen and tooth
- Phytoplankton and krill
- Stuffed cetaceans
- Numerous games on different topics
- Various medias like DVDs and CDs
- Various books and information material

4. Teacher’s workshop

Ursula also offers unique workshops for teachers to learn first hand about cetaceans and how one can convey this popular topic to children of any age.