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Long Lasting Memories

“What did we see? Minkes! A lot of minkes! They are a delight to behold. We also saw finback, humpback and sperm whales, belugas, and lots of harbour porpoises, grey seals and seabirds. We will never again look over a body of open water as we did before this trip!”

 Karen Briggs & Mike Johnson, USA

“Never in my life have I thought that volunteering to help in the research in minke whales would bring so much joy.”

Devon Wilcox, USA

“If you love nature and whales in particular, than this trip offers you the unique possibility to really do something for a scientific project. When you have never seen a whale before like I hadn't, this field course will give you the time of your life. And seeing your first whale so close to the boat is something you’ll truly never forget. It’s beyond your wildest imagination.”

Stijn Somers, Belgium

“Every day when we got back to the harbour, I would think "Wow! What a great day! It can’t get any better than this." Then the next day would come and it would be more amazing then the day before. Watching the minke whales as they surface feed or when they are moving up the St. Lawrence was great. But when I started learning the history of the individual whales like Loca and Double Scoop,and then when I was able to identify Owl Eyes, I knew I was making a difference.”

Wendy Beltz, USA

"As impressing it is I was almost a little proud as I recognised my first minke whale today... What a great feeling and what a unique experience.
But to our surprise we hadn’t reached the peak! Who would have thought that we would see blue whales, followed by humback and fin whales feeding. Last but not least we found a group of minke’s surface feeding which was a fantastic sight. A breathtaking day… not to imagine that the journey has yet to be continued…how much better can it get?"

Anne-Catherine Froidevaux, Switzerland

"This has only been our fourth day with ORES and we have already experienced so much… literally much more than I had hope to experience... Although the first outing was really good and successful, this outing today was simply amazing! Starting right away with minke whales we continued quickly with humpback whales, even blue whales and finback whales showing us such a variety of behaviour that everyone was totally overwhelmed by it."

Rabea Behrens, Germany

"The outings with ORES are amazing hands-on field experiences. Observing the different whale species and the diversity of their physical characteristics, behaviours and feeding strategies is so special. In 1 day, we were overwhelmed by 6 different species... The passion you feel for these marine mammals makes you even more realise they need enhanced support for further research and protection of these beauties."

Danielle, Belgium

"During four days I have learned a lot about minke and other whales, I love that. It is magic here!"

Charlotte Huyghe, Belgium