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To Protect What I Feel Connected To

In 1977, at the first conference on environmental education in Tbilisi (USSR) the UNESCO outlined the following objectives to raise awareness among social groups and individuals.


To help them an awareness and sensitivity to the total environment
and its allied problems.


To help them gain a variety of experiences in and acquire a basic understanding of the environment and its associated problems.


To help them acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for the environment and motivation for actively participating in environmental improvement and protection.


To help them acquire the skills for identifying and solving environmental problems.


To provide them with an opportunity to be actively involved at all levels in working toward resolution of environmental problems.


Research → Education → Information → Conservation

Following the principles above, education has always been an important aim of ORES’ activities to promote the respect of individuals towards the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants. We strongly believe that environmental education is the base to lead towards a sustainable use of the planet; the place present and future generations share together.

It is a unique chance and pleasure to combine scientific research with education; to share first hand our experiences and knowledge and to connect people of all ages and nationalities with the lives of whales and dolphins; people living far from and close to the sea.

Our education program includes:

  1. Field training courses
  2. Public outreach
  3. Collaborations
  4. School visits
  5. Teaching resources
  6. International media
  7. Internet presentations